Epsom Downs Primary School & Children's Cnetre

Our vision for sport


Our vision for the school is to see sport integrated across the curriculum, with healthy living being emphasised in lessons and encouraged outside of school. Every child deserves the opportunity to access sport in school and the chance to compete and represent their school, when Covid restrictions allow. With this in mind we will be planning lots of events ready for when we can compete in both inter and intra school events. In the mean-time we are planning sporting events with our Year Six ambassadors. 

Excellence in the teaching of sports is also key to our vision and as such we have a designated member of staff who runs sports enrichment at lunchtime and in the afternoons.

We aim to create a buzz around PE lessons and to increase participation in extra-curricular sports clubs run by the school and those in the local community. We strive to make our sports clubs inclusive, with all children taking great pride in representing their school and having fun. We would also like to increase the participation of parents within sports at the school, whether encouraging their child to take part in sport or offering to share their sporting skills. 

Projects and sports development

Before Covid, we had developed our inter house sports to give children from every year group the opportunity to play each other competitively throughout each term which helped to create enthusiasm and excitement related to sport, we hope to be back to this soon. However, during this time we have encouraged class competition with our PE Champion Challenges.

Our sports board located in the KS2 playground displays news, photos, fixtures and results.

Our School Council are very pro-active in supporting the school’s Physical Education vision. We have collaborated to create and issue whole school sports surveys to ensure that the pupil’s voices are heard.

We run an annual PE week in the summer, which includes sports day at Headley Drive and integrates sport into all lessons in some way. Our last sports week was a huge success and was held virtually to include children learning at home and at school. We had personalised messages and challenges set by a large number of famous sports personalities. As well as, daily workouts recorded by our fantastic staff team.